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Automation solutions tailored for your organisation

Process Automation

Process Automation

Automation solutions tailored for your organisation.

Advance Your Business

Compliance requirements or soaring data volumes tying your back office team down? We can show you how to automate the processes that stand between your business and where it really should be.

Cut Costs

Unlock the efficiencies of automating up to 80% of routine manual processes.

Slash Errors

An obsession with accuracy is built into the core of all our solutions, some of which come with a 99% guarantee of accuracy.

Streamline Workflow

Client content and information gathering through to document generation and complex transaction management, all in a single tool.


Enterprise-level process intelligence analysis for everyone. We partner with ABBYY to link your data to leading RPA solutions UiPath and blueprism.

Where technology meets commerce

Solving business data processing challenges has been Streamline’s expertise since we first started in 2004. We design and develop custom process automation solutions for a wide range of verticals, starting with an understanding of business problems and drawing on a broad selection of technologies.

Process Intelligence

This end-to-end overview of your process workflows is the starting point for designing highly efficient solutions for your business.

Automation Solutions

Proven out-of-the box process automation applications that deliver efficiencies from day one.

Design Consultancy

Work with a team that has over 80 years’ combined experience in building process automation solutions to meet business, regulatory and compliance needs.

Data Extraction

Configurable workflow solutions that offer data extraction and validation with accuracy and at high volumes.


Streamline process automation solutions are trusted by KPMG, Fletcher Easysteel, Serko, Heart Foundation, TaxiCharge and many more organisations.


Streamline’s development teams unlock the benefits for your business of sophisticated cloud technologies and coding languages.


Eighty years of combined experience in solving business process challenges.

We Understand Business

The first step in every Streamline project: understanding your business processes and their challenges.



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