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Our customers’ stories

Proof of how we do it better

Our Customers’ Stories

Proof of how we do it better

Our Customers

Since 2004, we’ve been working with organisations large and small to improve their
financial and business processes. Many of those founding customers still rely on Streamline solutions today.

Why? Simply put, we help our customers do business better

Our customers stories

How Natalie got her
morning back

Management accountant Natalie Peat used to spend half a day, every day, processing sales orders for her employer, Queensland-based natural skin care business The Natalie Group. The company was growing fast and wanted to liberate Natalie to focus more on financial analysis. The solution: managed services from Streamline. In-house sales order processing cut from half a day to 45 minutes daily.

Quicker processing means more time for warehouse workers to handle orders.

Fewer errors due to improved quality control.

Making expense claims painless

Travel and expense management innovator Serko relies on a custom data extraction solution from Streamline for its Serko Expense offering. The solution, a unique combination of Optical Character Recognition
(OCR) and human verification, processes more than 60,000 expenses every month and is 100 percent accurate.

Accuracy at scale.

Dramatic reduction in administration overheads.

Real-time management visibility of expenses.

Admin for those not keen on admin

The ladies behind the Next Generation early childhood centres happily admit they’re not big on administration. With a document management solution from Streamline, they don’t have to be.

Ready access to years of records and multiple document types.

Less physical document storage space required.

Audits without the stress.

The end of a horrible, dirty task

Filing and retrieving job cards used to be a horrible and dirty job for staff at an Auckland car dealership. Now they let a Streamline managed service do it for them.

Manual filing now outsourced to skilled remote staff.

Hours of unproductive effort saved.

Streamline automation makes retrieving job cards simple.

Beyong the ring binder

A chain of early childhood centres dumps its ring binders and moves its documents to the cloud with Streamline document management. One upside:  regulatory compliance got a lot easier.

A simple, easy-to-use interface that requires minimal staff training.

Searchable, instant document retrieval.

Audit reviews now vastly simplified.



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