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Master your documentation and unleash its hidden content.

Document Management

Document Management

Master your documentation and unleash its hidden content.

Get More Organised

Quickly find and retrieve files anywhere and anytime.

Create Business Insights

Turn your content into actionable data.

Save Your Space

Streamline securely stores your documents in the cloud. Wave goodbye to your filling cabinets.

Increase Your Efficiency

Spend less time filing and retrieving documents, and more time on the business.

Go Paperless. Effortlessly.

Tame the deluge of paper with Streamline document management. It’s the proven, powerful digital solution that captures, archives and manages the documents that feed your business.

Collect and Scan Documents

Categorise and scan your documents. Too many to handle? We can help.

Extract and Validate the Content

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)  extracts your choice of data fields from the document and is validated by automation tools and by Streamline staff. The resulting accuracy: more than 99%.

Feed Information Into Your Business

Using Streamline’s fully customisable workflow tools,  the digitilized content and extracted information is routed to a destination you choose and in your preferred format.

Destruct Securely

Your paper documents are securely shredded, releasing storage space.

Unlock the benefits of Document Digitization

Any Document

Warranties, HR records, contracts, payroll — you name it, Streamline Document Management can handle it.

Easy to Manage

Easy-to-use tagging makes your documents readily discoverable.


Store your documents in a secure cloud environment. Eliminate the risk of data theft and environmental degradation.


Intuitive management of administration privileges means you can securely share documents anywhere and at anytime.

Indeks is Streamline’s cloud based digital archiving solution.

It is the easy way to digitally capture, archive and manage your documents.



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