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Efficient, cost-effective, and no fuss remote staffing and service solutions for back-office functions.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Efficient, cost-effective, and no fuss remote staffing and service solution for back-office functions.

What are managed services?

Skilled remote staff and proven software your business can plug into to allow for expansion or to help with a task or project, freeing up your local staff.

High Volume Data Capture

Receivable Management

Customer Invoicing

Software Development

Why Streamline Managed Services?

We have over 15 years experience in providing New Zealand and Australian businesses with remote skilled staff and proven software for the business and financial processes that matter to your organisation – with cost savings, professionalism and sharply reduced overheads.

Remote but Local

Streamline e-Invoicing is economical offering early ROI, cost scalability and retention of existing ERP systems.

First Class Infrastructure

Secure office facilities, enterprise-grade productivity tools and highly redundant networks.

Fastidious Recruitment

We draw on a battery of security checks and aptitude tests.

The Problem-Solvers

Outsourcing for repetitive labour-intensive processes and especially for projects that are simply too large for your in-house team.


Invoice processing, transaction reconciliation, expense management, bookkeeping, payment processing and e-Invoicing solutions drawing on advanced automation technologies and skilled staff in New Zealand, India and Fiji.

Technical Support

Level one and two technical support solutions tailored to your requirements. You get the skilled staff, round-the-clock service and cost savings you need while Streamline Managed Services handles the infrastructure and overheads.

Customer Service

Drawing on deep experience in designing and delivering customer service solutions and do-it-your-way flexibility, Streamline Managed Services offers consistently high professional standards of customer engagement without the cost burden and overheads of doing it all in-house.

Process Optimisation

Tap into Streamline Managed Services’ expertise in process engineering to unlock the potential of your back office. Backed up by the ABBYY Timeline process intelligence platform, we can identify bottlenecks and spot opportunities for efficiency gains. The benefits: fewer mistakes, faster turn-around, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and complete confidence in your regulatory compliance.



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